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You are probably a concerned parent and don't know where to turn, but I am a former student who experienced extensive emotional abuse at Copper Canyon Academy. I'm going to tell you flat out that their entire program is a lie. This is not a "bash site" this is an informative site where people can communicate with each other. I'm warning you so you can protect your child from the certain trauma that myself and many other girls have experienced from attending this "therapeutic school." Look through this site I have posted stories of things that have happened to me at CCA. Staff have mistreated me and other girls. The "Grievance System" is un-affective and you are not taken seriously even when reporting physical abuse. I'm permenatly scarred from this "facility" and get weekly night terrors caused by my six month stay at Copper Canyon Academy. CCA went me into a deep depression, all I want is to protect other girls from being sent there so they do not have to experience the abuse I did. Please do not under any circumstances send your child to Copper Canyon Academy. 

Copper Canyon Academy is abusive.

This site was created to enlighten parents about the abomination of this facility and its less than therapeutic practices. I spent six months in this school and it has been three years since I left and I am still experiencing the effects today. Putting your children in the hands of these staff is not only make them feel like you have given up on them but also feel like they are being punished. Because that is how CCA runs, its all punishment and no positive reinforcement, at least that's how it was while I attended. The staff are cruel and you are on watch 24/7 theres no escape. They are own their own power agenda, the less you bow down to them, the harder they are on you. It is complete emotional torture.  

CCA Update

Formerly known as Copper Canyon Academy is now going by the name of Sedona Sky Academy. Be careful not to be fooled. CCA is now SSA. Tammy the original owner bought back the school from CRC. I will be keeping watch for any new information and updates on the school.


If you go under forums you can talk with students who have experienced abuse from this "therapeutic school" Feel free to post on the forum your experiences.


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